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Shared by the Pilots


I’m the pickiest dater in the world.
So I made a deal with my bestie:
To say ‘yes’ to the first three guys who asked me out.
But I never thought I’d be saying yes to these three hunks.

Luke Hendricks is a calm, confident, and dry-witted former Air Force Captain who now pilots commercial aircraft. With a chiseled jawline and a voice like distant thunder, we share an evening Salsa dancing together—and then much more.

Adam Mandalay—who my bestie says is a mandatory lay—is a fellow flight attendant who asks me out on a pity date. But after things get hot and heavy on an international flight, there’s nothing for either of us to pity.

Finally there’s Taylor Hawkins, a former Navy pilot who now flies a private seaplane like a dashing character from the 1950s. With sun-kissed blond hair, a perpetual grin, and a smooth Texas drawl, he reminds me of a high-flying Matthew McConaughey.

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