Nanny For The Billionaire



I wish that’s what the ad had said.
Because it was a huge surprise when I was picked up for my job interview in a freaking helicopter.
Now I’m nannying the children of
Braxton Nash, the young, fearless, incredibly-handsome billionaire.
But at night? He has more exciting plans for me.

And that’s not the only fringe benefit of this job.
The billionaire wants to share me with his two friends.

Adam Sizemore: the lean, boyishly-handsome personal assistant with a sharp mind and even sharper tongue.
Mathias Fischer: the ripped, sizzling physical trainer with an intoxicating German accent. 

When I’m not nannying Braxton’s two children, I’m having the time of my life in the Nash Capital penthouse.
Taking last-minute trips to Paris on a private jet, and being ushered down the red carpet with the dashing billionaire.
Can our scintillating relationship last?
Or will the paparazzi discover our scorching secret?