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Nanny for the



I was only venting about my career problems at the gym.
I never expected the two hot military guys in the squat rack to overhear.
And I definitely didn’t expect them to offer me a solution.

A chance to nanny their daughter Kaylee for two months.
A trip to three exotic locations around the world.
And the opportunity to really get to know these chiseled soldiers-of-fortune.

Jordy, the all-American boy-next-door type who’s quick with a joke and a smile.
Archer, the sarcastic blond Englishman who eyes me when he thinks I’m not looking.
And Harrison, the grumpy, bearded redhead who wants nothing to do with me… at first.

During the day, I watch their daughter while they’re out on their dangerous missions.
And at night, us four adults find sizzling new ways to entertain ourselves.
Can we all stay safe while they complete these contracts?
Or is there an unknown danger lurking just beneath the surface?

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