Tinker's Trial


Dragon Quintelaides aren’t meant to be split up—even for just a few days.

But that’s exactly what the Archon has planned for Alyssa's Quintelaide. Arthur is called back to the capitol to teach others his new self-healing runetracing ability, while Jaxon, Ryon, and Harry travel west to hunt down the scattered remnants of a Silithik hive.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Maze are sent to the south to work on a secret Tinker Guild project: a superweapon that can end the war against the Silithik in the blink of an eye. A superweapon that only Alyssa can control.

But after a weapons test goes wrong, Alyssa is left with an inhibition that affects her runetracing ability. Which is awful timing, since she and Maze have to pay a visit to the gryphon capital city of Oorani to learn a secret runetracing spell that will make the Tinker superweapon unstoppable. And the exiled Runemaster who knows the spell? She won't tell Alyssa without a price.