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Bosses With Benefits
Bonus Chapter


Four Years Later

“Look,” August said to Michael, “All I’m pointing out is that if we condensed some boxes, we wouldn’t need to make so many trips.”
“I don’t think you’re strong enough for that.” Michael emphasized the comment by lifting a heavy box onto one shoulder like it weighed nothing.
“I’m strong.” August flexed one arm. It wasn’t scrawny by any means, but it was dwarfed by Michael’s bulging bicep.
“You keep telling yourself that, boss.” 
I laughed at their stupid banter. It had been a good four years in the pink house—which was now the blue house, thanks to a weekend of work and ten gallons of paint. Owning a home with my parents was everything I had hoped it would be.
But now it was time for a change.
“I like you in a T-shirt and shorts,” I told August in passing. “It might be the first time I’ve seen you in something other than a suit.” 
“Oh, you’ve seen me without a suit on plenty of times,” he shot back with a wink.
“Are these boxes labeled correctly?” Kai asked my mom. “This one says bathroom, but it’s full of dishes.”
“I changed my mind halfway through packing it!” she said. “Just do your best. We’ll sort it out when we get to the new house.”
I wasn’t the one moving, of course. Just my parents. Michael had pulled some strings and gotten my dad a job at a bank downtown. After two years working there, he had saved up enough to buy himself and my mom a house of their very own. A small place, just one bedroom and one bath, but with a big yard and room for a vegetable garden. For the past month, they had been practically bouncing up and down with excitement.
“Woah, what’s in this box, Mrs. Hanover?” August said, shaking the next cardboard box he lifted. “Sounds like some special bedroom toys.”
“Gross!” I replied.
Mom giggled at the joke. For some reason, she loved August’s crude humor. “Ginny can be such a prude sometimes!” 
August grinned at me. “She really can be.”
I rolled my eyes.
“But seriously, I’m expecting this box to start vibrating at any moment.” August lifted one flap to peek inside, and recoiled at what he saw. “Wow, that one on top is huge.”
Mom giggled like a schoolgirl. “That’s my KitchenAid hand mixer!” 
“Oh, you’re mixing it by hand all right.” 
“No toys needed,” Dad said as he rolled by with a box in his lap. “Not everything below my belt is paralyzed, if you know what I mean.” 
“Eww,” I groaned.
“I don’t know what you mean,” August said. “Can you describe it for everyone?”
“I’m begging you not to,” I said.
“There’s nothing wrong with some battery-operated assistance in bed,” Mom said. “Not all of us have three strapping young men to satisfy our needs…”
I couldn’t remember how my parents learned that I was dating all three of them at the same time. It was a while ago, in that first year in the house together. But however they found out, they were strangely cool with the whole thing. Not judgmental at all.
“Why would we care?” I remembered Dad asking while the six of us ate dinner together one Friday night. “We grew up in the seventies. It was an era of free love. Why, your mom and I know a thing or two about swing—” 
“DAD,” I interrupted, “I’m begging you not to finish that sentence.”
August whipped out his wallet and started counting bills. “Mr. Hanover, I will give you ten thousand dollars to finish that sentence.” 
Happy to have an audience, Dad smiled and said, “Well, we used to have these things called key parties, where—”
I plugged my ears and said, “LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” 
I knew I was lucky that they were supportive of my three simultaneous relationships. It was certainly better than the alternative. There was nothing more satisfying in this world than being accepted for who we were.
I thought about how lucky I was while stacking boxes into the moving van. It had been a great four years living with my parents, giving them a better life. But I was also happy that they were moving on, supporting themselves. I knew how good that felt more than anyone.
When the van was full, we drove to their new house and spent the afternoon unpacking. While we did that, Mom made everyone dinner—spaghetti and meatballs using good beef, and not the cheapest ground chuck the store sold. We sat around the table in their little dining room and talked and ate good food that was made with love and caring. Then we said our tearful goodbyes, even though we were still only a few miles apart, and drove home.
“You’ve got this big place all to yourself, now,” Michael pointed out when we walked inside.
“Not just myself,” I protested. “I’ve got Fritz and Frank to share it with.”
The two dogs came trotting out at the mention of their names, wagging their tails and vying for attention.
“The nice thing is that you can start filming here,” Kai said. “Without worrying that your Mom will knock on the door and ask if you want something to eat.” 
I hesitated. It was time to tell them the news that I had been saving. Now that my parents were gone, and the four of us were alone, there was no point in delaying it any longer.
“I’m actually going to retire,” I said.
August gave a start. “Really?” 
“Are you sure?” Michael asked.
“I’ve saved up a lot of money,” I said. “I’m comfortable. And after five years of doing this, I’m ready to hang up my webcam.” 
“Aww, man,” Kai said. “If I had known you were retiring, I would have savored our last time. Maybe I should have done something special…”
I smiled. “Actually, I want to film one final scene. A going-away scene.” I turned so that I was facing all three of them. “And I want August and Michael to—”
“I’m in,” August said before I could finish speaking.
“—to join us,” I said.
“Really?” Michael asked. “You two have worked exclusively together since we’ve known you. I don’t want to cramp your style.” 
August shoved Michael to the side. “Don’t listen to him. I’m in. Let’s do it.” 
“I guess August is excited,” Kai said to me.
“None of your equipment is here,” Michael said.
“I’ll run home and get it,” Kai said, grabbing the keys. “I’ll be back in ten.” 
While he was gone, August and Michael opened a bottle of wine. When they offered me a glass, I declined. “I’ve done this plenty of times. I’m not nervous at all.”
“I’m not nervous,” August said defensively. “I just… have never done this in front of a camera.”
“I know.”
“What if I can’t get it up?”
“Dude, you’re hard right now,” Michael pointed out. “Those little shorts you’re wearing don’t hide anything.” 
“Well yeah, of course I’m hard now. But when the director yells action…”
“There’s no director,” I pointed out.
“…then the pressure begins. What if Little August won’t cooperate?”
I cradled his head and kissed him. “You’ll do fine. Stop worrying about it. And if you need some extra help, I can text Kai and tell him to bring some of his BlueChew.” 
Michael gave a start. “He uses BlueChew?”
“Sure, when we’re filming,” I said. “Sometimes we go four or five times.” 
August and Michael shared a look, then bumped fists. “I knew it!” Michael said.
“What?” I asked.
“We knew he must be using performance-enhancing drugs,” August explained.
Michael smiled. “Now he’ll never get into the hall of fame.” 
“More like hall of game, am I right?” August said.
Both of us looked at him. He shrunk away from us. 
“I make puns when I’m nervous.” August shook it off and added, “You’ll use the filter on me, right?”
“Of course.”
“Because I’m the CEO of a major Fort Perth foundation. I can’t get caught making porn with two people who work at my company.” 
“The filter will be on, I promise you.” 
Michael sighed. “We couldn’t do this a year or two ago. Because of you-know-who.” 
Sandra Trout still knew about my OnlyFans page, of course. But last year, she finally got caught having an affair—not with Cornelius Cunningham, but another wealthy local businessman. Her husband divorced her, and with the infidelity clause in the prenup, Sandra Trout got almost nothing. Last we had heard, she flew to France and was trying to court several French movie producers. 
Despite us no longer having any leverage over her, she hadn’t gone public with my OnlyFans secret. It seemed like she had forgotten all about me. Or, more likely, she had made a hundred new enemies since our spat four years ago. In any case, she lived half the world away and was no longer a menace to the city.
And since then, Fort Perth had done well. The downtown area was growing like crazy, and businesses were booming. New housing developments were sprouting up in the surrounding suburbs. Without Sandra Trout’s long shadow hanging over everyone, the city was flourishing. 
“I’m back,” Kai said as he walked through the front door. “I brought the webcam and two stand lights.”
“Stand lights?” August asked.
“Well, yeah. How do you think the scenes are so well-lit?” Kai asked.
“I… I need to go take a shower.” 
August showered upstairs while Michael did the same in the master bath. By the time they were done, we had set up all the equipment in the bedroom. August came striding into the room wearing my bathrobe. In a voice like Marilyn Monroe, he said, “I’m ready for my close-up now.” 
And then he dramatically let the robe fall from his nude body.
“Is this really going to be your last time?” Michael asked as he joined us. 
“Yep,” I said, dragging my fingernails underneath his chin. “So you three had better make it count.” 
“But the filter,” August reiterated. “It will cover my face?”
I tried to suppress a mischievous grin. To my right, Kai had to turn away to keep from smiling. “I promise the filter will protect your face.” 
Unlike most scenes I filmed, we didn’t have a plan this time. Kai turned on the webcam and the four of us got in bed and did whatever felt natural. Michael ate me out while August buried his cock in my mouth. Then Kai was rolling me over and fucking me from behind while I alternated blowjobs between the other two. As the three of them passed me around, using me like their personal sex toy, I forgot that the camera was rolling. It was only after Kai and August had come in my ass, and Michael down my throat, that we turned the camera off and I remembered where we were.
“That was definitely a time to remember,” August said as we all cuddled in bed after.
“You brought your A-game,” Michael said.
“I did! Thanks for noticing.” 
“So?” I asked while rolling over to snuggle against Michael’s chiseled body. “How was it being on this side of the camera?”
“I honestly forgot all about it,” Michael rumbled beneath me.
“Not me,” August said. “I was keenly aware of it. And let me tell you: it made it so much sexier. I want to do it again.”
“Too bad,” I said. “That was the last time.” 
“It’s almost a shame,” Kai said while massaging my foot. “That was some of your best work.”
“Why thank you.” 
“Can we watch it?” August sat upright in bed like a kid who just remembered it was Christmas morning. “Can we? Please?” 
“I suppose we could,” I said, glancing at Kai. He was outright beaming, now. But August didn’t notice.
“Afterwards, we can order mini tacos and put on a bad movie,” August said. “But only after seeing my masterpiece.”
Kai went to the laptop and rewound the video. “Okay. Ready?”
August nodded sagely. “Show me.” 
“So serious,” Michael muttered.
Kai hit play, then stepped back. On the screen were the four of us, kneeling in bed. The three men surrounded me like wolves descending on a sheep. Their faces came into view, blurred by the filter.
Except for August’s face, which was replaced with…
“A clown?” August exclaimed. “You gave me a clown face?”
Michael jumped up from the bed to come look. “You look like Ronald McDonald!” 
Kai laughed and fast-forwarded. Now the video showed me on my hands and knees while August pounded me from behind. His two-dimensional clown face wore a permanent, unchanging smile.
“That’s really creepy,” Kai said with a laugh.
“Honestly, it’s an improvement on how he normally looks,” Michael pointed out.
August made a high-pitched squeak of protest. 
“Can you go back to the part where he’s eating me out?” I asked. “I want to see if it smears his clown makeup…” 
“Hah hah, very funny,” August said. “Now let’s go watch the bad movie.” 
“I like this more,” Michael replied. “It’s like a performance art piece.” 
Eventually, after much protesting from August, we switched the video back to the normal filter that blurred out his face. Then we put on some clothes and went to the living room. 
“I just ordered the food,” August said. “The app says it will be here in twenty minutes.”
“Wait a minute,” Michael said. “What do you mean, the app says?” 
August froze next to the couch. “I meant the guy. On the phone. He said twenty minutes.”
Kai pointed. “There’s a rectangle in his pocket!”
“Get him!” Michael shouted.
For the next two minutes, the three of us chased August around the living room before finally pinning him down on the couch. He squirmed and fought as I reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny black iPhone 14. 
“So you’re finally a slave to technology,” Michael said disapprovingly. 
“It’s convenient!” August admitted. “It’s so convenient having a supercomputer in my pocket everywhere I go. Check this out. There’s even an app that tells you what song is playing.”
“You mean Shazam? That’s been around forever.”
August ignored me and opened the app. “Somebody play a song and I’ll tell you what it is. It’s so cool!” 
“August has a phone,” Kai murmured. “Ginny is retiring from OnlyFans. Your parents moved out. Everything is changing.” 
“Are you sure you want to retire?” Michael asked. “Rather than just scaling back your videos so you keep earning income?”
“I have plenty of money,” I said. It was a statement I never thought I would be able to make. “Besides, that’s not the main reason I’m retiring.” I let my hands slide down to my belly.
Kai gasped. “No.” 
Michael’s eyes went wide.
“Oh, come on!” August said to me. “Are you still self-conscious about your curves? You’re not too heavy for porn, baby. I love your phat ass. Phat with a P-H, of course.”
“Dude,” Michael said. “She’s pregnant.” 
“No she’s not,” August said. 
“Yes,” I replied, “I am.” 
August’s face immediately twisted into excitement. “We’re going to be daddies?”
“And not the porn kind,” Kai said.
I had wondered how my three men would react to the news. In fact, I had been stressing out about it. But their reaction was better than I ever could have hoped. They enveloped me in their arms with love and excitement.
“A baby!” Michael said. “I hope it’s a boy.”
“Fuck you,” August said through tears. “It’s going to be a little girl. With bright red curls.” 
“I’ll be happy with anything. As long as it’s healthy,” Kai said.
As we collapsed onto the couch and I started telling them the story of how I found out, I noticed that none of them asked who the biological father was. There was no way to know until he or she was born and we ran a DNA test. But I had a feeling we wouldn’t need to get one done. The four of us were one family, one unit. The baby was going to belong to all of us. August was right: all three of them were going to be daddies. 
And not the porn kind. 

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