In Texas, football is a religion.

Which makes Colt McAllistergod.

The star of the Fort Worth Frenzy could have any woman he wants.

But for some reason he has his eye on me.


And he’s not the only one.

His two suave teammates want to share me too.

DJ Buchanan is the goofy blond athlete who’s quick with a joke.

It doesn’t hurt that he's covered with chiseled muscle, either.

Despite his athletic exterior, Kody Murphy is quiet and studious.

And I'm the only one he'll open up to about his troubling past.


It’s my job to spend as much time with them as possible.

Interviewing them in the locker room...

...and getting extra personal off the field.

Can Colt, DJ, and Kody lead their team into the AFL playoffs?

And will our sultry relationship last that long?

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Snowbound - Smaller.jpg

It was supposed to be a winter getaway at a ski resort.
Until my friends bailed on me.
Now I’m stuck in our ski chalet with three strangers.
But after seeing what these guys look like?
Suddenly I don’t mind as much.

Jack, the suave French-Canadian ski instructor who pronounces my name like it’s a bottle of expensive red wine.
Seth, the goofy blond snowboarder with Olympic aspirations--who’s surprisingly chiseled underneath his baggy clothes.
Aiden, the deliciously-muscular rogue who has a secret reason for visiting the ski resort.

It’s chilly on the ski slopes,
But hot and heavy in the bedroom.
Can I juggle these three men over the holidays?
Or will their love overwhelm me like an avalanche?

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