Five Alarm Christmas

Bonus Chapter

Four Years Later

The live band was loud and fast and shrill with the sound of brass instruments as I made my way through the throng of salsa dancers. It was a warm night in the club and sweat made my dress cling to my body. I didn't mind. I liked it when it clung like that. 

My boys liked it too.

I found Christian right where I'd left him at the bar, stirring the ice in his drink with a straw. I knew he felt self conscious, but he was sexy as hell in black Cuban pants and a floral shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest. 

"Still afraid?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Just enjoying the show."

"It's more fun to take part. You know, actually dancing? That's why it's called salsa dancing."

"Ohh," he said. "I always wondered that." 

I extended my hand. "Stop joking around and dance with me!"

"You're not having fun with them?"

I looked over my shoulder. Sparks and Angel were dancing side by side, their own little dance-off as they tried to match the other. Sparks was quicker, but Angel moved from one step to the other more smoothly. But it was fun seeing them compete.

Christian only came out with us once a month, and even then we had to drag him along. He wasn't bad, but he had what he called "white boy moves." He could dance the steps in the right order but somehow managed to look stiff and awkward while doing it.

"They're having fun all on their own," I said. "I want to have fun with you." 

I grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor, giving him just enough time to put his drink down. I took his hands and guided him like I was the leader, pushing my thigh into his when I wanted him to step back and pulling him forward when I wanted him to step toward me. 

"Don't look at the others," I said, giving him my best seductive look. "It's just you and me. Focus on me." 

"If you say so, love."

He was good at following directions, and he kept his eyes glued to me while we danced. He had a special way of looking at me that nobody else did: like I was the only woman in the room. Or the entire world. It made me feel warm and loved and safe.

We danced through the rest of that song and then into the next one. I loved coming to the club on Fridays when they had a live band; there was something so much more real about hearing the music live instead of through speakers. It added a level of excitement to the dancing that you didn't see on any other night.

And slowly it pulled Christian out of his bashfulness. Whether it was my guidance or the alcohol finally kicking in, soon he was moving his hips with the enthusiasm of someone who didn't care what other people thought. 

We danced, and kissed, and laughed until the music eventually ended.

"Who was better?" Sparks asked in the car on the way home. "Angel or me?"

"Clearly she has eyes," Angel said. "So the answer is obviously me."

"You've inhaled too much smoke if you think that, pal." 

"I know exactly who was best." I waited three long seconds just to kill them with anticipation before I said, "Christian. Hands down."


"Is that a joke?" Sparks asked. "Tell me that's a fucking joke." 

"He was like a fish flopping around a boat," Angel said.

"Or a dog rolling in mud, but without the mud."

I grinned back at them. "You know salsa is more about the motions with your partner rather than your own individual skill. Neither of you noticed I was there, you were too busy trying to show one another up. Christian focused solely on me."

In the driver's seat, Christian remained silent but couldn't help but grin.

"Is that how you judge who you like best?" Angel asked. "The man who pays the most attention to you?"

"Sometimes a girl just wants the guy to lead." 

Sparks put a hand on my thigh, his fingers curling inward slowly. "If those are the rules we're playing by..."

As nice as his hand felt, I enjoyed making him wait. "You've been going easy on me lately."

His freckled face lit up with surprise. "Is that so?"

"Uh huh. Downright gentle, even."

"I might have to fix that tonight."

"Might have to," I agreed with a lusty smile.

We got back to our house in Fort Lauderdale. Our house--the four of ours. It was almost redundant since we have the station together four days a week, but we'd quickly learned that we didn't want to be apart for the remaining three days a week either. Even after a year, none of us were sick of each other yet. The honeymoon phase of our weird polyamorous relationship was never ending. 

It had taken a while to find a bank that would put four different names on a mortgage, but eventually we signed with a local credit union willing to do it. The interest rate was higher than a normal mortgage, and we got some funny looks from the bank manager, but the house was ours. That made it special.

I had never grown up dreaming about a house, but it was the closest thing to a dream I could have imagined. An old Victorian that had been remodeled on the inside to update it with bigger closets and a more open floorplan. The first floor was one giant room where the kitchen, dining room, and living room all sort of mingled together--just like our fire station. And upstairs we each had our own bedroom, closet, and bathroom. 

Something to share, but with individual spaces if we ever felt like being alone.

The master bedroom was mine. I never had to claim it--it just sort of fell in my lap when we moved in. The bed was a California King, two enormous mattresses and four posts high above the ground, like sleeping on a cloud. Even though sleeping was something we rarely did on it.

We didn't make it to the bed before Sparks was putting his hands around my waist. "Want me to take charge, huh?" he whispered in my ear.

"Mmm hmm."

He spun me around and kissed me hard, biting my upper lip in his hurry to stick his tongue into my mouth. The forcefulness of it made me feel warm and tingly as he grabbed my thighs and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him tight like an anaconda, not letting go.

He stepped backwards until he hit the wall, then lowered himself into a crouching position in front of me. In one smooth motion he raised my dancing dress over my hips, revealing my nude body. 

Sparks looked up at me with hunger in his eyes. "No panties?"

"They just get in the way."

He threw his face into my crotch, devouring me like the first meal after a fast. I moaned and put my hand on the back of his head while leaning my hips into him, pressing his head against the wall. 

Angel was behind me in short order, nibbling up my thighs until he reached my bare cheeks. Then he spread them wide and invaded my rear with his tongue, jamming it straight inside as deep as it would go. Angel was the king of rimjobs, and I'd grown to love them almost as much as having my pussy eaten. 

But when I had both at the same time?

The way their tongues twirled and undulated, pincered between them as I was, had me groaning and shuddering within minutes. Four hands held me upright while I let the pleasure wash over me until I could barely stand.

"Here," Christian said in my ear. "Let's get you horizontal." 

I let him carry me to the bed, lowering me with gentle grace. He covered me with a blanket to keep me warm, except the blanket was hard and smooth and smelled like musk.

"Let's cuddle," Christian said, wrapping himself around me and laying next to me. 

"What if I don't want to just cuddle?" I asked.

He arched an eyebrow.

Sparks and Angel knelt on the foot of the bed. "We don't need to get off," Sparks said.

"Pleasing you is fun enough," Angel agreed.

"Fuck that noise," I said, pulling Christian back on top of me. "I want all three of you at once." 

"Are you sure?" 

I answered Christian by wedging his lips apart with my tongue and French kissing him, spreading my legs until he lowered his body into mine. Within seconds I had his belt off and his pants unzipped, and then he did that awkward little shimmy to pull them off.

"Roll over," I said, pushing him in the chest until he was laying on his back. I mounted him, lowering my dripping sex over his cock until I felt its warmth intermingle with mine. He slid inside easily, each inch of his hard manhood pushing deeper with that wonderful ache of lovemaking.

I arched my back on top of him and raked my hands over his chest, hastily ripping open the buttons of his shirt so I could touch skin. "More," I said to the air. "I need more."

"Think you can handle it?" Angel said.

"I always do..." The final syllable extended into a long moan. 

I felt him crouch behind me, guiding the tip of his cock up and down my cheeks. I was still wonderfully lubricated from his tongue, and his cock pushed inside without hesitation.

We'd done this enough that I was no longer an amateur. In fact, double penetration was the way I preferred it now. There was something about two men at the same time, in different holes, that was incredibly taboo and erotic and felt amazing. By comparison I always felt so hollow when I was only with one of them. Empty, in need of completion.

Before Angel could push as deep as he could, Sparks was up on the bed in front of me, his own penis standing erect before him. "I don't take charge enough, do I?" he asked with a mischievous look sparkling in those eyes.

I batted my eyelashes at him. "Not nearly enough."

He grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock with a little bit of strength, making my lips go halfway down on the shaft. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back, squeezing it so that I had to tilt my head up to him.

"How's that?"

I sneered. "Is that the best you can do?"

He growled a sexy growl and pushed me back down on him, moving my head with his strong hand. Angel was deeper and deeper into my ass with every second, our quadruple joining finally complete. 

Slowly they fucked me: Angel in my ass, Christian in my pussy, and Sparks going to town on my face like there was no tomorrow. Out on the job I was a firefighter, strong and confident. I saved lives every single day, risking my life for others. But in here? I was their fuck doll. Their toy to be used and abused.

The sounds I let out were animal as they triple fucked me. My body wasn't my own--it belonged to the pleasure, a captive to it. Every nerve in my body tingled with ecstasy as my first orgasm pummeled me, and then a quick second one.

They didn't last long. They never did, a fact that always filled me with satisfaction. Sparks gripped my head with both hands and pushed me all the way down to his base as he roared and filled my throat with his come. Angel and Christian were close behind, their strokes longer and more frenzied. i don't know which of them came first but their voices rose together, a chorus of manly pleasure caused by me and my body as they filled me to the brim with their seed. 

"I've been thinking," I said. 

We were splayed all over my California King, a messy tangle of flesh and sweat. Christian tilted his eyes toward mine and frowned. 

"You're too pretty to think." 

"Yeah, leave the thinking to us men," Angel said. "Just worry yourself with womanly things."

We all chuckled. It was a running joke among us that I was the furthest thing from your stereotypical girly girl. They'd long since realized I shouldn't be underestimated, and it was always a fun exercise when someone else underestimated me too.

"I've been thinking of taking some time off. From the station." 

There was more laughter from Sparks, but Angel frowned and rose to one elbow. "You're serious."


That made the others jump up as well, searching my face for a hint of what I meant. "Why?" Christian stammered. "Why, why would you do that?"

"I don't know," I said. "I just think I need some time off. Relax a little bit. Kick up my heels, bulk up a bit."

Three sets of sexy eyes watched me, totally confused.

"Not too long though," I said, hardly able to keep my smile from my face. "Less than a year. Nine months, say."

The shock that replaced their confusion was adorable. Angel fell onto the bed next to me and cupped my cheek. "You... Are you..."

Sparks put his hand on my belly as if he could feel whether or not something was growing inside.

"Cut it out!" I said, pushing his hand away. "I'm not pregnant yet. I'm still on the pill. But... I think I'm ready to try. I wanted to talk to you guys about it first. What do you think?"

Christian's face was split by an enormous smile. "I've been asking you for over a year! Are you sure?"

"I think you might die if you had to take that much time off," Sparks said. Angel only stared at me, entranced by what I would say next.

"It'll be tough, but I've done some research into other programs the chief offers. I could do one of them while I'm pregnant."

"But the baby!" Christian said. "I don't want you anywhere near a fire if..."

I put a hand on his chest. "Relax! The one I want to apply for is the arson investigation unit. I'd be showing up long after the danger is over. And then I'd come back to the peak hours station with you guys." I swung my finger around the group. "The real challenge would be you three getting used to another teammate while I'm in training."

"Oh, I don't know," Sparks said. "The last teammate we got stuck with turned out okay."

Angel grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. "I love the idea. We all do. We've been ready for a long time--it was you we didn't want to pressure." 

I rose to a sitting position and took two of their hands. Sparks grabbed onto a toe for solidarity. "I want this. I want to make a family with you three."

"So..." Christian said, scratching the back of his blond hair. "Who gets to do it?"

"That's part of the fun," I said. "All three of you. We'll leave it up to chance. Maybe we won't know whose it is. Then he or she will be all of ours." 

"Unless it's a ginger," Sparks grinned. "Then we'll know."

Christian made a gagging noise. "May the best man win."

"You know Angel has dominant genes, right?" I said. "It'll probably be a cute little Cuban." 

"That's not how genetics work," Christian said. "It's not like our three seeds will be fighting it out battle royale style. 

Angel smiled. "I like it. A special plan for our special..."

"Family," I said, looking at each of them. "We're a family." 

We hugged together, our four heads touching in the center. It was still crazy that our little foursome relationship worked. Both in the beginning and for four straight years. But it did. It was more natural than anything else we'd done in life. 

The four of us worked together. We risked our lives together to make our little city a safer place. We lived together, laughed together, and loved together.

And I couldn't wait to see what the future would bring. 

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It was supposed to be a winter getaway at a ski resort.
Until my friends bailed on me.
Now I’m stuck in our ski chalet with three strangers.
But after seeing what these guys look like?
Suddenly I don’t mind as much.

Jack, the suave French-Canadian ski instructor who pronounces my name like it’s a bottle of expensive red wine.
Seth, the goofy blond snowboarder with Olympic aspirations--who’s surprisingly chiseled underneath his baggy clothes.
Aiden, the deliciously-muscular rogue who has a secret reason for visiting the ski resort.

It’s chilly on the ski slopes,
But hot and heavy in the bedroom.
Can I juggle these three men over the holidays?
Or will their love overwhelm me like an avalanche?

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