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Bonus Chapter


One Year Later

It was April fifteenth, and everyone in the office was patiently waiting. Julie was at her desk typing out an email. With a flourish she hit send and jumped out of her chair.

“It’s sent!” she said. “We’re done!”

Everyone at Ingram and Holloway broke out in cheers as the final client’s taxes were filed. I gave Julie a hug as our coworkers began passing out champagne and setting up food for the party.

“This year was the worst ever,” Julie said while we sipped our drinks. “I had six clients send me additional information at the last minute. Six!” 

“I promise it wasn’t the worst ever,” I replied. “Second worst, maybe.”

“You’re not allowed to complain about last year!” she shot back at me. “Not after everything that has happened since then.” 

I blushed. Julie was the only person who knew the full extent of my relationship with Hunter, Justin, and Chase. And she was equal parts happy and jealous.

“Excellent work, ladies,” Beth said as she joined us. “There have been no complaints and buckets of compliments from the clients.” 

“Glad to hear it!” I said. Beth was still a cold boss, but we had a good relationship now. Much better than before, at least. “Oh! I almost forgot.” 

I opened the drawer of my desk and pulled out a book. The cover art was a jumble of artistically-rendered computer circuits. Beth gasped when I handed it to her.

“Zero-Day Vulnerability?” she asked. “This isn’t being released until June!” 

“I snagged an advanced reader copy,” I said with. “I hope you like it.”

Her eyes bulged out of her head. “This is for me? Allison, this is too much…”

“It’s signed, too.” 

Beth squealed and opened the cover, where Hunter’s signature was scrawled. She held it open so we could see. 

“The dedication is on the next page,” Julie said, deadpan. “What’s it say?”

“To my muse,” Beth read out loud. “I wonder what that means.”

I blushed as Julie grinned at me. 

I stuck around at the party long enough to have two drinks and some food, then walked home to my apartment. It was a cool spring evening in Asheville. The way the weather should be in April. 

When I got home I hastily packed my suitcase and changed clothes. When I was done a knock came at my door, and then Chase strode inside.

I squealed with excitement and jumped into his arms. As strong as he was, he caught me easily and held me in the air while I smothered him with kisses. I hadn’t seen him—or the others—in two weeks. I had been too busy at work leading into tax day.

“Missed you too,” he said, cupping my ass with both hands. “I don’t think I can wait. We can go back to your bedroom right now…”

I let my hand brush across the front of his jeans, where a thick bulge was prominent. “Tempting, but I wouldn’t want to keep the others. Let’s go.” 

He carried my suitcase for me as we went downstairs. But it wasn’t his Cadillac that was waiting on the street. It was a big black Jeep with a soft top.

“You got a new car!” 

He smirked at me. “After what happened last time? I want a vehicle that can help us escape. There’s a winch on the front, too. Lanesha helped me pick it out.” 

“I love it. Much nicer than the Cadillac.”

He gave me a warning look. “Watch it. The Cadillac was a classic.”

We drove north out of Asheville up the familiar road to the cabin. It felt like I had just been here. The last year with the three men had really flown by.

Justin and Hunter were unpacking their car when we arrived. “Excuse me, ma’am? Are you lost?” Hunter asked as I hopped out.

“I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

He hugged me and twirled me in the air. I felt weightless and free in his arms. 

I turned to Justin and blinked. He had a full red beard covering his cheeks and jaw. 

“Two weeks apart and suddenly you decide to grow a beard?” 

“You don’t like it?”

“I like it.” I kissed him on the lips. “But I like you better clean-shaven.”

“You’ve never complained about Chase’s beard!” 

Chase barked a laugh.

“Yours covers up your freckles. I like your freckles.”

That put a smile on his face as we hugged and kissed.

“Plus it makes you look like a pirate.”

He squeezed my butt and made pirate noises. “Yarr! I’m comin’ for that booty!” 

I laughed and squealed and tried to escape his grip. 

We moved everything into the cabins and then congregated in the smaller one. Hunter already had his typewriter placed on the table with a package of fresh paper.

“What’s the next book going to be about?” I asked.

“Cyclists,” he replied. “They’re biking across the country when they stumble upon a secret government facility in the Nevada desert.” 

“Sounds fun.” 

From behind his spectacles he gazed at me hungrily. “Not as fun as what I want to do to you.” 

Hunter kissed me hard and pushed me over to the bed. Chase pulled my pants off while Justin began kissing my neck. I sighed back into the sheets as Hunter ate my pussy out, tongue swirling in a way that I had missed for the past few weeks. Within minutes I was arching my back and curling my toes, and my voice echoed off the log cabin’s walls.

After, I climbed off the bed and made them all sit on the edge. I slowly removed each of their pants, teasing them with my patience. Three cocks sprung into view before me, hard and waiting. I ran my fingernails along each of them, eliciting groans from the men.

First I deepthroated Chase. One long pass with my lips before pulling away and then doing the same to Hunter. I wrapped my lips around his cock and went down, then up, then moved over to Justin. 

“You’re cruel,” Hunter said.

I grinned up at him. “I bet I can keep you three edging all night like this.”

I continued like that for a long time. Chase, Hunter, then Justin—never giving them more than a single pass with my lips. They squirmed and groaned and made a chorus of wonderful noises as I pleasured them with my mouth. 

The best part about being with them for a year was that I could read their bodies like a book. I could tell when Chase was close to coming, so I gave him only a gently lick before moving on to Hunter. Then I alternated between Hunter and Justin for a while, back and forth with my mouth, until Justin was close to coming. Then I focused solely on Hunter.

Finally he was close to coming too—I could sense it in the way his muscles tensed. I grabbed Chase and Justin with my hands and stroked their cocks quickly, returning them to the edge. 

I timed everything perfectly. Hunter roared and fired his come into the back of my throat just as Justin and Chase spilled their seed over my fingers. Feeling their hot come on my hands and in my mouth made me moan with my own satisfying pleasure. 

Hunter pulled me up to kiss me, tasting himself on my lips. “I love you,” he breathed.

I gave a start. Chase and Justin had already said I love you, but Hunter had taken longer to get to that point. Yet here he was, blurting it out…

“I don’t want you to say it unless you mean it,” I whispered. 

“I mean it,” he replied, sincerity in his blue eyes. “I’ve meant it since Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been afraid to voice the words. But it’s true. I love you, Allison. With all my heart.”

He kissed me again, and I could sense the truth in the way he held my cheek.

“I love you too,” I said, tears welling in my eyes. “I wasn’t prepared for you to say it now!” 

“Kind of ruins the moment, having my come all over her hand,” Chase said. “Should’ve waited, dude.”

“I couldn’t wait,” Hunter grinned. “I love you, Allison.”

I ran to the bathroom to clean up and wipe my eyes. When I came back out, all three of them were waiting for me.

“We want to move in together,” Justin said. “All four of us.”

“We’re sick of not being with you all the time,” Hunter added. “I don’t want to have to choose between my place or Justin’s place or your place. I want us to have our place. The same place. A place for all four of us.” 

“As your editor, I should point out that you’re saying place way too much,” Justin commented.
“Shit, I think we scared her,” Chase said. “She looks surprised.”

Warmth and happiness spread through my chest. Having three boyfriends was strange by itself, but I didn’t know how we would proceed moving forward. There was no blueprint for this sort of thing. But getting our own place together was the perfect next step that I hadn’t thought about. 

“I’m surprised. But in a good way. Of course I want to move in with you. All of you! That’s not too serious for you?” 

“Nothing’s too serious for us,” Hunter said, running his fingers through my hair and smiling the way he had on our first date. “We want the world with you, Allison.”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” Chase nodded.

“That’s why he’s the writer,” Justin agreed.

We embraced, all four of us holding each other together.

“Not to ruin the mood, but I’m starving,” I said. “We only had tiny appetizer foods at my office party. Can we fire up the grill?”

“Got the steaks all ready to go!” Justin said with a grin.

I smiled as my boys began making dinner for us. I was one lucky woman. 

The End

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