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The Naughty List

Bonus Chapter

Two Years Later

I was sitting in John Fadringham’s office in the Operations Department, typing quickly on my laptop.

“I’ll make sure those locations get some extra scrutiny,” I said. “At least until Vernon gets used to the Ohio region.”

Across the desk from me, John nodded. “He’ll do fantastic as the regional manager once he gets some experience. He’s a good kid.” 

I arched an eyebrow. “Kid? He’s thirty-nine.”

He grinned. “When you get to be my age, anyone under sixty is a kid. I’ll stop calling him that when he has grandchildren.”

“Speaking of grandchildren, how is Allison?”

John smiled the way only a grandfather could. “Allison is seven. Has a lot of attitude, just like her mother. She’s going to be a handful as a teenager. I’m looking forward to spending more time with her.”

“I bet you are.”

I’d been back in the Operations Department for two years under John. I’d fallen right back into my old job, and loved it. After managing the STT project, I had a new appreciation for the world of operations and logistics. This was the kind of work I enjoyed. 

John looked at his watch. “Whelp, there it is. It’s five o’clock.”

I grinned. “It’s official?” 

“You bet, kid.” He stood from his chair and stretched. “Take her for a spin.”

We switched places, me taking the leather chair behind the desk and John sitting in the guest chair. I lowered myself into it softly. The world looked different from this side of the desk.

“Congratulations,” John said. “You’re going to be a wonderful replacement.”

“I hope so!”

“I’m just glad you came back to operations. I always had you pegged as my eventual successor, so when you went to the STT project I thought I was going to have to find someone else.”

“I’m sure you would have found someone capable,” I replied.

“Screw capable. This department needs someone phenomenal. There’s nobody better suited than you, Leslie.”

I beamed. John didn’t give compliments out unless he really meant them. His words settled into my chest and made me feel warm and safe.

“Well then. Shall we go join the surprise party?” John asked.

I groaned. “You know about that?” 

He gave me a look. Of course I knew.

I looked at my watch. “I told them I would delay you until after five. Let’s go.”

We left his office and walked down the hall to the cafeteria. As soon as we walked through the doors, the thirty waiting members of the Operations Department all screamed out at the same time:


John’s retirement party was a lot of fun. Cake, beer, and small gifts for the man who had run the department for several decades—most of which were golf related, since John said he intended to spend most of his retirement on the golf course. When he wasn’t playing with his granddaughter, that is.

I gave a speech about John’s career, complimenting his success and making jokes how it was about damn time. I stayed for another half hour mingling with the people in the department. The people who I would soon be managing.

I can’t believe it, I thought. The last two years had gone by in a blur.

When the ceiling began to thump with music coming from the fourth floor, I made my exit. I took the stairs down to the second floor, where the new Systems Integration department offices were. 

I lingered in the doorway, taking in the sight. Liam, Arthur, and Robbie all had offices along the wall, but right now they were in the small conference room in the corner. Even though there was a projection of a slide deck on the wall, they were laughing and joking around in a way that was clearly not work-related.

I passed by their manager’s office on the way there. The placard on the door said Oliver Edwards. I still found it immensely funny that Oliver, the man who had originally been selected to run the STT project and then abruptly quit, had chosen to run the permanent version of the team. The guys said he was an okay boss, and gave them a lot of freedom to do their jobs without micromanagement. Which was good, since Liam, Arthur, and Robbie were all quite capable on their own without any supervision.

I knocked on the conference room door and then opened it. “You guys look like you’re having far too much fun in here.”

Liam leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. He had such a casual handsomeness about him that I couldn’t help but smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said. “We’re hard at work.”

Robbie had his sleeves rolled up, revealing his tattoos. “We were talking about the party.”
“You’re not going to surprise us by being in the naughty list auction again, are you?” Liam asked.

“It is fine, if so,” Arthur added. “But my wallet would like to know ahead of time so it may begin crying, yes?”

“I promise I’m not.” I jerked my head. “Your boss left already?”

“Hah! He never stays past two on Fridays,” Liam replied.

Arthur winked at me. “They cannot all be as hard-working as Leslie Hill.”

“Speaking of the party, you guys ready to get our drink on?”

We took the crowded elevator to the fourth floor. Once again, the entire open space had been converted into one big party floor. Three drink bars, one wall full of food tables, a dance floor in the middle and a stage with speakers. Person-sized candy canes were leaning against every wall, and the floor was covered with fake snow. 

“Beth really outdid herself this year,” Liam said.

We helped ourselves to food and drinks, and then mingled with the other people at the party. By now, everyone knew about my promotion to Director of Operations, so most of our conversations involved people congratulating me and wishing me good luck.

“Director Hill has a nice ring to it,” Robbie said when we all had a moment to ourselves. 

I had to stop myself from giggling with excitement. “It does, doesn’t it!”

“Your new office,” Arthur said casually. “We should break it in, yes?”

Liam pointed at him. “That’s a good idea.”

Arthur nodded. “Then it is settled. Shall we all go down there now and christen it?” 

I smiled, but lowered my voice. “That was fun when I was the manager of the STT project, but I am not risking it now.” I paused, then added, “At least, not until I’ve been there for a while.” 

“So, uh, in a week then?” Robbie asked. “Or two?”

I glared playfully at him.

The music died down and a familiar voice drifted from the speakers. “Happy holidays, Allegheny Supply! Are you ready to see who has been naughty this year!” Beth asked from the stage.

The crowd cheered loudly. Over the last two years, the naughty list auction had become the highlight of the holiday party. Last year twenty people volunteered to be auctioned, and we raised even more money than we did the first year—although nobody came close to fetching the ten thousand dollar price that I had.

And yeah, part of me was proud of that fact. 

The stage was full of people being auctioned off for dances. The auction took close to an hour. When the stage was empty, though, Beth still had one more surprise up her sleeve.

“There’s one more name on the naughty list we forgot,” Beth announced. “John Fadringham, you’re very naughty for retiring! Come on up here and let everyone get one final chance to dance with you!”

“Oh wow!” I said. 

Liam cupped his hands over his mouth. “John’s not single!”

John got to the stage and grabbed the microphone from Beth. “My wife will gladly rent me out for one dance for charity. You ladies out there know you want to dance with this.”

He then proceeded to try to pop-and-lock his way across the stage, which made the crowd roar with laughter.

Everyone got involved with the bidding, including most of the people in the Operations Department. I even threw in a bid when the number climbed over a thousand dollars. 

Arthur elbowed me. “So that is how you got his job.”

I glared back at him. “He bid on me two years ago. I’m just returning the favor.” 

Eventually, John’s wife bid five thousand dollars and won the auction. John jumped down, kissed her passionately—which drew even more cheers—and then they started the dances on the dance floor.

“It felt like just yesterday when the three of you were declaring your love for me right there,” I said while we watched.

“I… I didn’t?” Robbie said, confused. “I told you I loved you on Valentine’s Day.” 

I put my arm around him. “Yeah, but I knew it at that first holiday party.”

“It was quite obvious,” Arthur said. “You are terrible at hiding your emotions, Robbie.”

“I am?”

Liam patted him on the back. “It’s one of the things we love about you. We always know what you’re thinking.”

“Oh.” Robbie blinked and adjusted his glasses. “Okay, then.”

Once the auction dances were over, everyone else took to the dance floor. I danced with each of my men in turn, including a slow dance with Liam at the end. In the past two years, we had begun to show some affection around the office. No eye-rolling displays or make-out sessions, but enough that we could almost be ourselves. People in the office didn’t seem to bother us about it. Maybe they thought we were just good friends.

In truth, I was in love with my three men more than ever. Even after two years, they didn’t mind sharing me. We all sort of fit together, like four awkward puzzle pieces that didn’t match the other pieces in the box. 

I’m so glad I never had to choose, I thought while resting my head against Liam’s chest, his fingers gently caressing my hair.

A few people cheered in the conference room. “It’s snowing!” 

We ran from the dance floor and crowded into the conference room, the one where I had made my fateful presentation two years ago. Fat snowflakes were beginning to fall outside the window, three and four at a time. Arthur put his arm around me and sighed.


“I know, right?” I said. We’d had a warm fall and winter so far. It hadn’t felt like Christmas yet, but now it finally did.

We returned to the party and drank, and danced, and enjoyed ourselves along with everyone else. I even saved a dance for John Fadringham, which drew some teasing comments from my new employees about how I don’t need to suck up to the boss now that he’s retired. 

And then, when we were sweaty and drunk and happy, we left the party.

“Are you certain we cannot stop by your office?” Arthur asked as we took the elevator down.

“Stop it,” I said with a giggle.

“I promise to have very quick sex,” Arthur added. “Simply to celebrate the new office.”

“What if I don’t want it to be quick?”

“Oh?” Robbie asked.

“We could try that thing we talked about…” I said.

Liam’s eyes widened. “Yeah?”

“You are ready for this?” Arthur asked. 

“I’m ready to try.”

We took an Uber home and were ripping each other’s clothes off as soon as we walked through my door. My men pushed and carried me to the bedroom, then began kissing and licking all over my body. That was the best way to get my engine warm, we had come to learn. One of them eating me out while the other two spent time kissing me and paying attention to my breasts. Soon I was as wet as could be and begging for them to make love to me.

Double-penetration had become a staple of our sexual relationships. Having two of my lovers fill me at the same time was a level of ecstasy that I couldn’t explain, to which nothing else could compare. 

But there was one thing we hadn’t tried. 

Robbie kissed me and sank in between my legs, making love to me missionary for a few moments. He rolled us both sideways, and then Arthur slid into bed behind me, kissing the back of my neck and wedging his cock between my ass cheeks, rubbing it up and down with lubrication. 

Slowly, he penetrated my ass with his cock. The tip, then half the shaft, then thrusting deep inside me until his entire cock as buried inside my ass.

I moaned and closed my eyes, savoring the feel of both of them inside me at the same time. They moved back and forth gently, enough to tease me and to keep themselves hard. 

Then Liam joined us.

With the three of us on our sides, my lady-parts were exposed in the middle. Liam went to his knees and grabbed my thigh, inching closer until I felt his long cock tickling against the bit of skin between my pussy and my ass. I bit my lip with anticipation as he stroked himself, covering his dick with lube to make this easier. Then he pressed his cock against the bottom part of my pussy, sliding it inside along with Robbie’s.

“Ohhh…” I moaned.

“Is this okay?” Liam asked deeply.

“Yeah, just go slow,” I said. It was so intense, I didn’t know if I could handle it.

Liam raked his fingertips over my body while slowly shoving his cock deeper into my pussy. With Robbie already inside, and with Arthur in my ass, the pressure down there was intense. 

But beneath the intensity was a profound pleasure, and it rose steadily.

I moaned and pushed against them. Liam’s cock slid deeper and deeper, joining with Robbie’s to form one massive cock inside my pussy that was thicker than I could possibly imagine. 

And it felt amazing.

“Fuck me,” I was soon moaning to them. Begging them. “Please, fuck me, all of you, give it to me!”

Like three pistons inside an erotic engine, they pumped me with their cocks until all four of us were screaming with ecstasy at the same time, and they filled my holes with their come until I couldn’t be filled any more.

In the after-glow while we all lay together, I thought back to when I quit my job two years ago. It turned out to be the best move for everyone. I went back to operations, and my three men got to keep their jobs in the new Systems Integration team. And that helped prime me to replace John as the Director of Operations.

And all because I had wanted to keep sleeping with my three employees. Sometimes it was funny how things worked out. 

We took turns going to the bathroom to clean up, then cuddled in bed. “Are you going to be able to wake up for our run tomorrow?” Robbie asked. “With the marathon next weekend, we need to get some run in tomorrow to get the blood flowing.”

“We can move it to Sunday,” I said, patting his cheek. “I’m not sure I’m done with you three tonight.” 

He still blushed whenever I mentioned sex, which I thought was adorable. “Sounds like, uh, a plan.” 

When Arthur returned to the bedroom, he had a bottle of wine and four glasses in his hands. 

“That’s the Chateur Cambrai,” I said with surprise. “You told me to save that for a special occasion!”

“What occasion is more special than this, Leslie? Three of us inside you at the same time…”

“Seems worth celebrating to me,” Liam said while caressing my back.

He popped the cork and began filling the glasses. “I also have an early Christmas present for us.”

“Aww man,” Liam protested. “You’re trying to one-up what I did last year, aren’t you?”

“No no no,” Arthur said. “This gift must be given early, so preparations can be made. You will see.”

He reached into the bedside table and pulled out a small catalog. There was a photograph of a long boat on a river. The title said, “Viking River Cruises.”

“All of our arrangements are inside,” he said while passing out wine glasses. “We are going to France to celebrate the new year.”

I opened the catalog and four plane tickets fell out. Leaving the day after Christmas, and returning two days after New Year’s Day.

“Arthur!” I gasped. “Is this real?”

He frowned. “Why would it not be real? Of course it is real! We will meet my family in Cambrai first, because my mother has insisted she meet the mysterious Leslie I have told her so much about. Then we will take a river cruise down the Seine, and back up to Paris. Finally we will spend New Year’s Eve in the city of lights. Together.” He raised his glass. “The four of us.”

We clinked glasses. “To the four of us,” I said. “Holy crap, Arthur. This wine is good.”
“But of course.” 

“Dude, this is awesome,” Liam said while flipping through the cruise catalog. 

“I’ve never been outside the United States,” Robbie said. 

“Oh no. You do not have a passport?” 

Robbie blinked. “I have a passport. I went to Canada a few years ago.”

“Uh,” I said. “So you have been outside the country?” 

“Canada doesn’t count.”

“Of course it counts,” Liam replied. “Did they stamp your passport? Then it counts.” 

“Visiting Canada is like, um, visiting Florida. Just in the other direction.”

“This means nothing,” Arthur argued. “France is better than Canada and Florida.” 

I smiled and sipped wine while listening to the four of them argue in bed, and wondered how a girl could be so lucky. 

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