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After a bad breakup on Black Friday, I get kicked out of my apartment.

And with nowhere else to turn, I'm forced to hide out in my department store at night.

Dodging security guards, the alarm system, and my way-too-empty bank account.

Perfect start to Christmas, right?

But I'm not the only one working long hours over the holidays.

Thomas, Gabe, and Victor each have their own ways of cheering me up.

And some are downright naughty.

But I just need to survive until my next paycheck.

One month living in the department store without getting caught.

Which becomes far more difficult when my ex-boyfriend starts snooping around...

Will my three new guardians be able to fill me with holiday cheer?
Or will our combined secrets ruin Christmas for everyone?

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Three chiseled SEALs. One lucky  college girl.

I went to a club in Barcelona to celebrate my last week abroad.

And the Navy SEALs I met there?

They gave me one heck of a send-off.

Cairo, the amber-eyed sailor whose muscles make my stomach squirm.

Hunter, the chiseled blond beauty with the boy-next-door smile.

Logan, their distinguished Lieutenant Commander who has the most experience out of all of them.

But my three new lovers have some vicious enemies.

Catalan terrorists who want to blow up Barcelona.

People who want to kill the SEALs--and me too.

Now my powerful SEAL lovers insist on protecting me.

Even if it means keeping me from my own vacation plans.

Is their overbearing protection just paranoia?

Or are they falling for me as hard as I'm falling for them?