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Two ripped Irish brothers. A dashing undercover cop.
The three of them protecting me--and sharing me.


I’m a Boston police officer struggling to advance.
So when a dangerous undercover mission comes my way?
I practically pounce at the opportunity.
But the men I’m spying on are not what I expected.
A pair of chiseled Irish brothers whose club is a front for illegal activity.

Connor Finnegan, the smooth mastermind with a face and body cut from stone, stares at me with emerald eyes that pierce my soul.
Leo Finnegan has delicious washboard abs and struts around the club like he’s looking for a fight. A bare-knuckle boxer on the weekend, he’s the muscle behind their operation.
Complicating things is 
Riley McCarthy, the roguish bartender at their club. Tall, dark, and handsome, Riley and I have a history that predates our work on this undercover mission...

My objective is to get close to the Finnegan brothers.
To learn their secrets by any means necessary.
Yet the more I discover, the more I doubt my ability--and my mission.

Are Connor and Leo really the criminals they appear to be?
Is Riley right that I'm in extreme danger?
Or will my feelings for these three men jeopardize the entire mission?

UNDERCOVER ACTION is a stand-alone Reverse Harem love story filled with suspense, tension, and sizzling-hot love. HEA guaranteed!

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Three chiseled SEALs. One lucky  college girl.

I went to a club in Barcelona to celebrate my last week abroad.

And the Navy SEALs I met there?

They gave me one heck of a send-off.

Cairo, the amber-eyed sailor whose muscles make my stomach squirm.

Hunter, the chiseled blond beauty with the boy-next-door smile.

Logan, their distinguished Lieutenant Commander who has the most experience out of all of them.

But my three new lovers have some vicious enemies.

Catalan terrorists who want to blow up Barcelona.

People who want to kill the SEALs--and me too.

Now my powerful SEAL lovers insist on protecting me.

Even if it means keeping me from my own vacation plans.

Is their overbearing protection just paranoia?

Or are they falling for me as hard as I'm falling for them?