Three chiseled SEALs. One lucky  college girl.

I went to a club in Barcelona to celebrate my last week abroad.

And the Navy SEALs I met there?

They gave me one heck of a send-off.

Cairo, the amber-eyed sailor whose muscles make my stomach squirm.

Hunter, the chiseled blond beauty with the boy-next-door smile.

Logan, their distinguished Lieutenant Commander who has the most experience out of all of them.

But my three new lovers have some vicious enemies.

Catalan terrorists who want to blow up Barcelona.

People who want to kill the SEALs--and me too.

Now my powerful SEAL lovers insist on protecting me.

Even if it means keeping me from my own vacation plans.

Is their overbearing protection just paranoia?

Or are they falling for me as hard as I'm falling for them?


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Batter up.



As the assistant baseball coach, I’m supposed to keep my hands off the players.
But Rafael Rivera, the ace pitcher for the Rangers, is as handsome as he is smooth.
Half Puerto Rican and half Italian, his smile makes me think of orange groves and sweet red wine.
And when he shows up outside my hotel room one night?
Let’s just say our workout can’t be found in any baseball program.

But Rafael has two teammates who want to share me during the season.
There’s Darryl Bryant, the tattooed bad-boy who leads the team in home runs. He has an air of strength that makes me quiver with excitement, and I wonder if his rough exterior translates to roughness in the bedroom...
Then there’s Joel Rogers, the blond-haired, blue-eyed relief pitcher. A goofy boy-next-door with a smile that melts my heart. After I fix his pitching motion he insists on rewarding me with an extra special workout--one which makes my toes curl.

We’re racing toward the playoffs while practicing our positions.
Getting sweaty together on--and off--the field.
Is this just a regular season fling with three scorching-hot professional athletes?
Or will our love affair continue into extra innings?

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