Three chiseled SEALs. One lucky  college girl.

I went to a club in Barcelona to celebrate my last week abroad.

And the Navy SEALs I met there?

They gave me one heck of a send-off.

Cairo, the amber-eyed sailor whose muscles make my stomach squirm.

Hunter, the chiseled blond beauty with the boy-next-door smile.

Logan, their distinguished Lieutenant Commander who has the most experience out of all of them.

But my three new lovers have some vicious enemies.

Catalan terrorists who want to blow up Barcelona.

People who want to kill the SEALs--and me too.

Now my powerful SEAL lovers insist on protecting me.

Even if it means keeping me from my own vacation plans.

Is their overbearing protection just paranoia?

Or are they falling for me as hard as I'm falling for them?


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Some people collect lucky rabbit’s feet.
Apparently I collect lucky boyfriends.
So when my luck changes after run-ins with three gorgeous guys?
I’m not sure which one is the source of my newfound fortune.

Roman, my old highschool crush who shows up in Vegas looking more tall, dark, and handsome than I remembered.
Danny, the blond-haired, blue-eyed friend whose sexy smile and playful wink brighten my mood every day.
Victor, the chiseled motorcycle-riding bouncer whose rough exterior probably translates to the bedroom…

The more time I spend with them, the luckier I am in the casino.
Every dice roll lands my way, and every blackjack hand hits twenty-one.
Can I figure out which of these three amazing men is the source of my luck?
Or will I stretch my fortune too far?

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