Tiger Queen

X18. Tiger Queen Smaller.png


Move over Joe Exotic--there's a Tiger Queen in town.



I only visited Crazy Carl’s Zoo that day as a joke. 
I certainly didn’t expect to walk away with a job offer. 
But Crazy Carl is gone, leaving dozens of tigers behind. 
His three sons have inherited the zoo and want my help moving the animals to proper homes. 
And as ambitious as their plan is, the men themselves are even more enticing.

David is the eldest brother, a jacked athlete with steel-blue eyes and a master plan for the zoo. 
Anthony is a cute younger version of his brother. With his messy hair, a body full of lean muscle, and an easy sense of humor, it’s impossible not to smile when he’s around.
And Jake? He’s your typical middle child with an attitude. But the delicious tattoos covering his body make it tough to stay mad at him, especially with his propensity to work shirtless in the sun...

Now we’re working together every day.
Living under the same roof at night. 
Getting hot and sweaty--and not just from taking care of the animals. 

Can I resist their charm and focus on the job? 
Or will I truly become the Tiger Queen?